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1. Don't go to meetings.

2. If you go, be late - leave early.

3. If the weather is bad don't even think of going.

4. If you do go to a meeting, find fault with everything and keep a conversation going while the meeting is in progress.

5. Never accept an office. It's easier to sit back and criticize.

6. If appointed to a committee don't go to the meetings. If not appointed, get peeved about it.

7. When asked for an opinion, reply that you have no comments, but after the meeting tell everyone how things should have been done.

8. Do nothing more than absolutely necessary, but when others do the "lion's share" tell everyone how the associations is run by a CLIQUE.*

9. Don't worry about paying your dues. Wait until you receive the final notice and then blame the treasurer for not telling you.

10. Don't worry about getting new members. Let the ones who do all the other work do that too.


If rumor has it, that your association is run by a clique,and after careful investigation show that this is true. You will find that the clique is composed of the faithful members who are present at almost every meeting, who do all the work, who give willingly of their time, energies and efforts and who sincerely believe that the more one puts into one's affiliation with the organization, the more one gets out of it.

There is no question that enthusiasm, responsibility and efforts of these members are of unestimable value to the organization, and it is suggested, therefore, that you join this clique. It is very easy. Begin by attending meetings regularly, take a lively interest in its activities, accept responsibilities on its committees. Show a continual interest in all affairs pertaining to your organizations activities. Before you realize it you will become a member of the clique and you will be surprised to know how glad they are to have you.





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