President's Corner

William "Mr.J" Johnson - President

Dear Visitor and Membership

As President of the Fayetteville Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Chapter of North Carolina I would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you for taking the time to review our web site. 

I hope you will find our site to be Educational and to you're liking.  After reviewing our web site if you are interesting in contacting our organization, please do we would love to discuss what and how we do business!

We welcome anyone who wishes to join the organization.  This Chapter does have rules set by the membership that the officer body upholds.

I want to give a big thank to our Officers, Committee Leaders and Members and Troop Leader and Members for accepting the positions and the tasks to continue to move this great Chapter forward into the future.

I also know it take a lot of time away from your families so I want to give thanks to our Members families for supporting the cause.

Again I thank all of you for viewing our web site and the Membership for your support.




Greetings, as the current Vice President I want to extend a warm welcome to all members, friends, and guest for taking time to visit our website.  Our objective is to educate those that are unfamiliar with the rich history and legacy of the original Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments of the U.S. Army.  We ride our motorcycles (Iron Horses) representing the horses that were ridden by the Buffalo Soldiers during 1800’s.  Promoting responsible, safe, and enjoyable motorcycling throughout our surrounding communities.  Providing support to civic and charitable organizations, and being a positive role models to young people.
If you like what we are all about, and you’re interested in becoming a member of a great organization…we welcome you to come out and ride with us anytime!  

Anor "Chief" Burnside
1st Vice President


Welcome to the NCBSMC web site. If you are reading this then I believe that you are a member, or better yet, you are interested in joining this wonderful organization.

I am the 1st VP of the club and my duties and responsibilities are to insure that I support the President of the club in moving the club in the direction the members want to go. I have daily communication with the club President (Mr. J), to insure that all club issues are being dealt with. I insure that I communicate with the Officers of the club by way of Telephone Conference every first Thursday of the month, and we meet on a face to face basis quarterly, in addition to our monthly club meeting every third Saturday. I make myself available to the members if they have a question at all times.

The North Carolina Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club (NCBSMC) continues to promote the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Calvary Regiment. I am very proud of the Charitable and Civic support we give to our community. We enjoy safe motorcycling at all times, and carry ourselves as positive role models to the community we serve.

I have served this wonderful organization for the past seven plus years as Troop Leader, Committee Chairman, and Vice President. I take pride in helping to lead the men and women of this club, and I believe we are moving in the direction set forth by our members.

Wellington H. Hall
Past 1st Vice President



Hello to the members, families and guest of The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of North Carolina. I am the VP of the club and my job/responsibility is very clear. The president gives Leadership and guidance; the members give information on where they want the club to go. I ensure the connection between the president and members are tight. The president and I talk every day either by phone, email and sometimes face to face. I talk to the members by phone/email or face to face. Our club does a lot of work, in front and behind the camera. We do a lot of things right because we talk, keep our focus on the club mission not an individual mission. No matter how good the friendship between the President and VP, the VP must be able to talk to the President regarding the operations of the club. I am very proud to be a member of The BSMCNC and I thank everyone in this chapter for your hard work!

June 2013, I decided to step down as Vice President, for the past eight plus years I have had the great privilege of severing in this chapter as VP/1st VP. During this time the Club has triple in size which has been good and challenging. I can say we have made and completed many goals. I am very proud to have been given the opportunity to serve the members and gain a wealth of knowledge from them and our President. I will continue helping in any way possible. 

James “Scorpion 1” Lotharp
Past First Vice President


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