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Greetings Buffalo Soldiers, This is MAJ Derek "Doc" Johnson, Road King Ridah. Just wanted to pass on some good news, I have been in the National Capital Region at the Pentagon since leaving Fort Bragg/Fayetteville last year.  Serving and supporting our Visually Impaired/Blinded SM and Veterans and their Families.  I just returned from London, England, where the BRITISH BLINDED VETERANS HOST their U.S. COMRADES IN LONDON

Project Gemini/visit to London was a great experience, truly an honor and a privilege for the entire team!!!

The relationship with our British Comrades began in 1941 when Sir Ian Fraser during a visit to the U.S. offered St. Dunstan's facilities to assist blinded or visually impaired American Service Members in the American Expeditionary Forces in Great Britain, Mr. Henry L. Stimson, U.S. Secretary of War accepted with a promise of reciprocal facilities for British troops injured in American theatres of conflict.  Over the next few years, 17 U.S. SM were transferred to St. Dunstan's care, the majority were in the wake of the European invasion.

This visit has successfully rekindled that relationship and fostered new peer-to-peer relationships for the future, this visit was equally important to the Vision Care and Blind/Vision Rehabilitation communities that service our Wounded Warriors.  We have so much we can learn from each...

Thanks again for your service, support and leadership as we continue to move forward!!!

Thanks, Derek

MAJ Derek E. Johnson
Infantry, U.S. Army


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