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Our Family - Members

Celest H Blocker Jr.

My name is Celest H Blocker Jr., born July 6, 1951.  I was born in Atlantic City Hospital to Delores and Henry Blocker. I have six sisters and two brothers. As a child growing up I was raised in South Egg Harbor City. I attended South Egg Harbor Elementary School and Oakcrest High School, where I graduated in 1970.  I also attended Atlantic County Community College for two years before I went into the United States Army in 1973.   I served two terms in the Army, active and the rest was reserve.  During my military career I was married twice, I have six children.  After I had been discharged from active duty I worked in Atlantic City at Resorts Casino Warehouse as the shop steward for fourteen years.  I then retired as a 100% disabled veteran in 2003.  I then moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina where this has been my home every since.

Chip Almost Galloway

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  During 1st Grade my family moved to just outside of the city to Wilkinsburg, PA. I graduated from Wilkinsburg High School and attended Penn State University on a Naval ROTC Scholarship.  During my 2nd year at PSU, I met the love of my life (Cyndy), during her first week in school.  We have enjoyed our marriage of over 27 years by exercising open communication, honesty and respect. Together we have produced two children: a son, currently serving in the USAF (preparing for deployment in March 2008) and a daughter, currently in her sophomore year of studies at Winston-Salem State University.  We are both in our 2nd careers after retiring from 25 year positions in banking.

I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since learning to ride at the age of fourteen.  I was introduced to Harleys while living in Florida during the early 1980s. When HD broke off from AMF, they attempted to improve their image by offering test rides to any Florida resident having a helmet and a valid motorcycle endorsement.  Unfortunately, personal obligations did not permit a HD purchase and I continued to enjoy my Hondas.  However, after experiencing my sister fighting (and loosing) a ten year battle with Cancer, I decided to just “DO IT”. I splurged on a new 2005 HD Road King Custom. I enjoy riding any time I can and have logged over 33,000 in just under 3 years.  Although I enjoy the Wing vs. HD teasing, I respect each safe motorcycle rider, even those using the extra wheel.

I’m grateful for running into the fine people of F Troop. I am looking forward to getting my Full Colors and to active participation and camaraderie with the proud members of Buffalo Soldiers MC, Fayetteville, NC.

Marion Garvin

Member of New Life Bible Church; yes sings in the choir; born in Garnett SC. Entered the Air Force 1967 and honorably discharged 1971; entered civil service and joined the AF Reserve. Joined the fire department assigned to the following locations Galena AFS Alaska, Hill AFB, Dover, Pomona Atlantic City New Jersey McGuire, Chanute, Minot, Plattsburgh, Saginaw, Wurtsmith, Ramstein and finally retiring as Fire Chief Pope AF Base Education: BS Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) Some graduate work through SIU, Associate degree Fire Science Community College of the AF. Adjunct instructor Ocean county community college.  Hobbies: Motorcycles, old cars.

I have been riding since 1975 my first bike was a 350 Honda CBR, then 500 Cow H-1, Yamaha 650, GL1000, GL1200 and the unbelievable GL1800; presently in the process of re-constructing/working on an old 64 Ford falcon enough said about that:

I like German chocolate cake, a good joke and laughter w/family and friends. My favorite situation is warm sunny day on my machine with the sun at my back and some good music playing.



Thomas Lovelace (Love Dr)

Thomas Lovelace (Love Dr) was born in Danville, Virgina and raised in Mount Vernon, New York. After being educated at Winston-Salem State University, he enjoyed a successful career in the United States Air Force. Thomas and Jayna have a lovey daughter, Cevere, who is 41 years old. His hobbies are Golfing and riding his Motorcycle.


Aubrey Smith

My wife and I ride, and have made several trips to Virginia Beach, and had the opportunity to experience a ride with Special Forces and had a blast. We would like to join your organization simply because it's one of the best well organize group of riders I've ever seen. Riding for a cause is always fun, plus we just like to ride


Aubrey R. Smith Jr.

I was born August 2, 1970 in Knoxville Tennessee to Mrs. Debra L. Smith and Mr. Aubrey R. Smith Sr. I am the oldest of four children, I’m currently serving in the United States Army as an 88M with the 82nd Airborne Division 3rd Brigade.  I’ve served 9 years in the U.S Army Reserves as a combat engineer, a 88M Heavy Vehicle Operator, 12G Quarry site Specialist, and 63G Fuel and Electrical System Repairman. Faithfully continuing my military career in 2007 I became Active Duty with the XVIII Airborne Corps in Fort Bragg NC. I ‘m married to the beautiful and devoted Tara L. Smith, Tara’s prior service and served as a 92G for 9 years. We married on the 21st of November 2010; we shared four wonderful children together Allen, Brennon, Briyunna, and Dionne. I have deployed twice to Iraq, my first deployment was with 655th Trans, Co, Millington TN, as a fuel hauler, running fuel missions and fuel drops where ever needed.  This was a 14 month deployment in 2004-2005. After becoming Active Duty with the XVIII Airborne Corps in 2007, I was deployed once again, almost instantly (2008-2009), as a Rhino Bus Driver, and MRAP crew chief, running missions to BIOP, and the Green Zone. After my tour, I reported back to Fort Bragg briefly before receiving orders to Camp Hovey Korea, and served 2 years with 2ID 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, as a Squad leader, and Master Driver Trainer.  My hobbies include Hunting, fishing, Traveling, custom cars, and riding motorcycles. I am a member of the Transportation Logistician Association. I’m also a member of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc, NC Delta Chapter Beta line, and a proud member of the Buffalo Soldiers MC NC.  Before my Active duty military career began I ran team long haul operations as a truck driver with my father Aubrey R Smith Sr. for about four years, when 9/11 called all reservist to serve, and without any hesitation 655th Trans Co, pulled me from my job, and family, to Ft Campbell  Ky, to train for a 14 month deployment Iraq. I was proud to serve then, and it is just as honorable now to serve and carry on a legacy as a Buffalo Soldier.

Victor Wooten

I was born in Baltimore MD, and raised in South Philly, PA.  I enlisted in the Army right out of High School, and never looked back.  My 23 years of military service span 3 continents, crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Although my Army career started in combat arms, as a Field Artillery soldier, I have experienced a myriad of training, and educational opportunities.  My training includes, but is not limited to logistics, recruiting, human resources and administrative services.

The Army taught me a lot about myself, and also provided a young brotha’ from the hood opportunities to expand educational horizons.  I was able to set and meet several educational goals, enabling me to prepare for a successful transition into life after the Army.

While I have only been retired since 06, I have enjoyed a brief stint in retail management and now I’m enjoying continued service to my country as a civil servant.  My membership and affiliation with the Buffalo Soldiers provides me with the best conduit for my love of freedom and the open road.  Although my riding experience spans almost 30 years off and on, the Buffalo Soldiers are the first club I have seriously considered becoming a member of.  I can’t think of a legacy more deserving of the commitment of my time and dedication than that of the Buffalo Soldiers. 

My ride: 08 Victory Vision (TOTLVSN)

My Handle: Big Woo

My philosophy:  Can’t help those who won’t help themselves




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