Our Family - Retired Members



Harold Butler

Born to the late Wilbert and Dezzie Butler in Montgomery, Al.  Graduated from Peabody High in 1965, and attended the local college (MTI).  Joined the military in 1973 served for over 20 years and retired in 1993.  Married to Helen Drake Butler and we have five children.  I joined the Masonic Order where I serve as the Post Master in Silver Square Lodge in Fayetteville, NC.  Currently a security officer on Ft. Bragg.

Gary Fisher

MR. Gary Fisher "Fish" born and raised in New York. I spent 26 years in the Military (Army) and retired in 2002.  I am married with a son, step-daughter and 2 grandchildren from my son.  I enjoy outdoor activities and riding my "Wing". I've been riding for about 20 years and look forward to full retirement so my wife and I can do more sightseeing via 2 wheels.  I’ve been a Buffalo Soldier for 2 years and have enjoyed every minute.  Currently I work in the Health Care Field as a trainer/consulter. I also do mentoring and provide services to troubled youth and adults.

See you out there, ride easy and be safe.


Chip Almost Galloway

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  During 1st Grade my family moved to just outside of the city to Wilkinsburg, PA. I graduated from Wilkinsburg High School and attended Penn State University on a Naval ROTC Scholarship.  During my 2nd year at PSU, I met the love of my life (Cyndy), during her first week in school.  We have enjoyed our marriage of over 27 years by exercising open communication, honesty and respect. Together we have produced two children: a son, currently serving in the USAF (preparing for deployment in March 2008) and a daughter, currently in her sophomore year of studies at Winston-Salem State University.  We are both in our 2nd careers after retiring from 25 year positions in banking.

I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since learning to ride at the age of fourteen.  I was introduced to Harleys while living in Florida during the early 1980s. When HD broke off from AMF, they attempted to improve their image by offering test rides to any Florida resident having a helmet and a valid motorcycle endorsement.  Unfortunately, personal obligations did not permit a HD purchase and I continued to enjoy my Hondas.  However, after experiencing my sister fighting (and loosing) a ten year battle with Cancer, I decided to just “DO IT”. I splurged on a new 2005 HD Road King Custom. I enjoy riding any time I can and have logged over 33,000 in just under 3 years.  Although I enjoy the Wing vs. HD teasing, I respect each safe motorcycle rider, even those using the extra wheel.

I’m grateful for running into the fine people of F Troop. I am looking forward to getting my Full Colors and to active participation and camaraderie with the proud members of Buffalo Soldiers MC, Fayetteville, NC.

Marion Garvin

Member of New Life Bible Church; yes sings in the choir; born in Garnett SC. Entered the Air Force 1967 and honorably discharged 1971; entered civil service and joined the AF Reserve. Joined the fire department assigned to the following locations Galena AFS Alaska, Hill AFB, Dover, Pomona Atlantic City New Jersey McGuire, Chanute, Minot, Plattsburgh, Saginaw, Wurtsmith, Ramstein and finally retiring as Fire Chief Pope AF Base Education: BS Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) Some graduate work through SIU, Associate degree Fire Science Community College of the AF. Adjunct instructor Ocean county community college.  Hobbies: Motorcycles, old cars.

I have been riding since 1975 my first bike was a 350 Honda CBR, then 500 Cow H-1, Yamaha 650, GL1000, GL1200 and the unbelievable GL1800; presently in the process of re-constructing/working on an old 64 Ford falcon enough said about that:

I like German chocolate cake, a good joke and laughter w/family and friends. My favorite situation is warm sunny day on my machine with the sun at my back and some good music playing.



Carlos "Lowes" Grimes

The Spouses do not want a Bio listed

Patricia "Mama Bear" Grimes

The Spouses do not want a Bio listed

Ron "Ghost-Rider" Grooms

Mr.Grooms originally hails from Republic, PA. He is married to his wife, Mary and has three children. He has been retired from the US Army for 21 years. Ron goes by the name "ghost-rider". His motto is "have bike, will ride."

Bike: Honda Goldwing


Mary Grooms

Mary was born in Roseboro, NC. She is currently a library technician, she also has been a Mary Kay Director for 13 years


Nadine Hayes

Bike Name - Air Force 2


Greg Hayes

The Member does not want a Bio listed

Lilibeth "Beth" C. Hudson

Beth is the third child of six of Precy and Felix Coloma of Honolulu, HI. She was born on February 24, 1960 in Laoag City, Phil. She graduated from high school at Mariano Marcos University in 1978 in Laoag City, Phil. Mrs. Hudson finished her Nursing Degree at Far Eastern University in Manila, Phil. in 1982.

After college, Beth decided to join her family in Honolulu, HI. She has two children, Jaear, 20, taking Computer Science and Ruby Anne, 19, studying for her BS in Nursing. Beth started riding motorcycles in 1995, when her and her husband Terry, members of the GWRRA-K2, since then she enjoys riding with the Buffalo Soldiers.



Terrence Hudson

Terrence E. Hudson AKA T-HUD was born in Chicago, Ill, by way of Honolulu, HI. He has two sons Terrence, 16, and Tyler, 10. Terrence joined the military in 1986, his background is in Southeast Asia.T-Hud has been riding for 10 years. He and his wife started riding with the Gold Wing Rider Association-K2 of North Carolina in 1993. Since then they have joined the North Carolina Chapter Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. They have been riding with the Soldiers since June 2002. This a Great Organization take a look at this website, there's nothing like it.

T-Hud signs off by saying: "Be Yourself or You Will Find Yourself By Yourself With Nobody To Blame But Yourself"....Ride Safe


Robert H Jenkins AKA MR-FIXER

Born in Stamford CT. I attended school in Garnett and Estill SC after graduating high school I move to Bronx New York. In 1966 I enlisted in the US Army  as a Hercules missile crewman were I served in New York and Germany for four years. IN 1975 I join the Army Reserve serving as a medic  and retiring after 20 years with the rank of E-7.   I was Worshipful master of Mount Olive Lodge #2 Prince Hall Mason in New York City  from 1986 to 1987.  

I was also a member of the Ossining auxiliary police dept. I retired from United Parcel Service after 30 years as a feeder driver in Elmsford NY.   I am married and have 3 children all grown. I reside in Fayetteville NC and ride a Yamaha v-star classic I really enjoy being a member of the Buffalo Soldiers.


Earl C. Kemp

Earl was born on September 17, 1953 to Earl and Lola Matthews-Kemp in Sampson County. He graduated from Roseboro-Salemburg High School in 1972. On August 1973, he enlisted in the US Army. After completing his training he was assigned to numerous duty stations the last one being in Fort Richardson, Alaska. While in the US Army he was decorated with many medals and badges some of which were the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon, the National Defense Ribbon, and the M-16 Sharp Shooter Qualification Badge.He left the US Army after completing 8 years of service. Earl was employed with the US Postal Service from 1981 to 1987 in Anchorage, Alaska. After returning to North Carolina in 1987, he held numerous jobs: a meat cutter, a food inspector and a truck driver, from which he retired in July 1997.

He went on to attend Heritage Bible College in Dunn, North Carolina in January 2000, where he is still studying to be a minister. He also attends St. Peters United Holiness Church in Keener, North Carolina, in which he majors in Pastol Ministry.


Alice  Kemp

I was born October 14 in Monroe, Louisiana. I’m a mother of five children Marvin, Donna, Deidre, Demetric, and Mark.  After 33 dedicated years to the Ft. Bragg School System I retired.  I’m an active member of many organizations, which include the James B. Dennis Post 6018 ladies Auxiliary and the Military order of the Cooties Auxiliary (MOCA), Melvin Elliott Post 202 American legion, The Club Six NO, The Swing Dance Heritage Club as well as an Associate Member of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.  My hobbies include dancing, traveling and entertaining friend. 

My Motto is “You tend to yours, and I’ll tend to mine”.


Luby "Double L" Lee

Born on June 15, 1953 in Wayne County, North Carolina to Mr. Luby A. Lee and Vera S. Lee. He graduated from Southern Wayne High School in Dudley, North Carolina in 1971.

Luby married the former Dale Worrells. They were blessed with three children {Tara, Edward, and Arica}, and they also have three granddaughters {Tiara, Alexis, and De'sia}.

Mr. Lee joined the United States Army in October 1972. He was stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska from 1975 to 1978. In 1983, he exited the Army.

His hobbies include riding bikes, working on old Chevy's, praising the Lord and singing with the Male Choir at Simon Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

Bike: Honda Goldwing


Coralisa T. Matthews, (Baby-Doll)

 I was born to Cecelia & Charles Coursey Sr., of Port Norris, NJ. I am the youngest of six, with six other half brothers and sisters.  I joined the U.S. Army Signal Corps in 1979 and served more than 26 years in the Corp, I am a retired veteran who love to ride her Harley. I retired as a MSG (E-8) in March 2006.  While in the military I have had the chance to travel the world under the (Exceptional Athlete Program) in my younger years of the army. I served as the All Army Track and Field Team Captain for (7yrs) 1981-1988. I also qualified with a Javelin Throw of 172ft-6in, to compete in the1984 Olympic Trials in San Jose California where I spent more than 7 years of training at San Francisco St. University, Hayward St. University California, to get to the Olympic but because of shoulder injury I was not able to compete so I decided to go to college and obtain my degree in Criminal Justice.

I first started riding 1000 Kawasaki in 1983 with the Drill Sergeant Club at Ft Dix NJ, the big bike at the time no other female would ride. Now I ride a real big bike a 2004 Fat Boy (Harley) it is also a back-up bike for my wonderful husband Firman (Stinkey”) when his Gold Wing is down. It feels so good to hear him tell me the Gold Wing is dead! And that he wants to use the real bike my Harley. You should see wrinkles on his face when he tells me honey I need to ride your (Harley).

Throughout my military career I have always been that out going person to plan and sponsor events to help others in the civilian and military community without hesitation.  While assigned at Ft. Bragg NC, I came across the Buffalo Soldiers in 2004.

I became very interested in riding with them because I had a motorcycle and once I found out what they were really about I wanted to join the club without hesitation because of who they were and the history about the Buffalo Soldiers was still being told through this club.  I knew a lot about the Buffalo Soldiers because I taught Black History as a culture training in the military so I knew that with-in myself that I could offer something special to the club when it came to community work because they were doing things that I love to do, fund raisers scholarships and educating our community.

Because the Buffalo Soldiers are a well diverse group of mature professional it has a great impact on our youth and adults when they come in contact with us. Being apart of the Buffalo Soldiers has allowed me to continue to be a positive team player in doing good works in our community.

I married my wonderful childhood sweetheart Firman Matthews in 2005 after 23 years.

I admire so much!  It was all apart of the “Lords” plan that we be together after 23 years to share our life together.

I want to thank all the Buffalo Soldiers for being a special family to me and my husband and showing us that you care when I was so very sick and one year later the same day my motorcycle accident. I have decided not to go out the house on April 22.



Firman Matthews

Rev Firman E. Matthews, Bike name ” STINKEY”

Born and raised in Port Norris NJ the real country. Stinkey served in the Army from 1964-1968 during the Vietnam War. Firman has been riding motorcycle for more than 43 years.  At the age of 12 he had a 51 Cushman All State Scooter by (Sears), his first street bike was a 1960 BSA 650. Stinkey” moved to Fayetteville to marry his childhood sweetheart of 27 years  Coralisa Palmer (Baby-Doll).

  He joined the North Carolina Buffalo Soldiers in 2005, he currently rides a Honda Goldwing with a Harley FB as a back-up. Firman Matthews, is a ordained Reverend, of Beauty Spot Missionary Baptist Church Fayetteville NC. Rev Matthews Loves serving God he enjoys teaching, reading and singing. Rev Matthews is married to Coralisa Matthews.
To God Be The Glory


Thomas "Max" Maxwell

“Max” was born the 24th of June 1960 in Onslow County, NC to Tom & Hannah Maxwell. After graduating from Jacksonville Sr. High in 1978, Tom began a tour of military duty, which sent him to oversea duty stations in Germany, Korea and Central America, and stateside tours at Ft. Knox, and Ft. Bragg.

Tom is a proud father of two Adrienne and Phillip 20 and 17 years old respectively; one’s attending college and the other is completing High School. Today Tom is married to Sheryl and is activists in the community from chairing community watch programs to coaching youth football and basketball athletics’.
Hobbies include bike riding, running and traveling.

Bike: Harley Davidson (Duce)      

A.C. (MAC) McArthur Jr.

A.C. McArthur Jr., Native of Washington DC.  I enter the Army in March 1970, Ft. Dix NJ with assignments to RVN, Greece, Airborne Training at Fort Benning Ft. Bragg 2/08 & JFK, Ft. Hood TX, Ft. Reilly, Ft Lewis 2nd Ranger Batt. Worked a s a Police Office for one year. Enlisted in the USN 1978 as Search & Rescue Swimmer, later entered Law Enforcement, Advance NCO L.E.F Ft McClellan, SNCO Law Enforcement Academy Lackland AFB. Assignments: USS Hermitage, Naval Shipyard VA, Pentagon, Guam, and NAS Corpus Christi TX. Retired from active duty in 1993. I have five sons and three daughters I've had two sons and two daughters that have served on active duty.  My wife (Teresa) USN and my youngest daughter (Kendra) USAF are currently still on active duty. I’ve been riding since 1970 and started riding Goldwings in 1981.  I love to ride.

Larry "Peacemaker" Paylor

Larry Paylor was born on 15 October 1952 to Ethel Paylor from Pittsburgh, PA. His military career began when he was drafted in 1972 where he attended basic training at Ft Dix NJ and formal training in the Signal Corps at Ft Gordon, GA.

Since entering the Army, he served five tours overseas. One with the 1st Signal Brigade in Korea and four tours in Germany, Kaiserslautern, Worms, Darmstadt, Wildflecken, and Bad Kissingen.

Stateside assignments include two tours at Ft Bragg, NC, Ft Benning, GA, Ft Ritchie, MD, and Ft Huachuca where he retired after 30 years and 17 days. He is married to the former Joyce Porter, also from Pittsburgh, PA and has been married for 30 years. He has a son, Shawn 28, who lives in Atlanta, GA and a daughter Jamia, 23 who lives in Baltimore, MD.

He has been riding off and on since 1982 and rides a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.

Hobbies include, woodworking, matting and framing, old cars and a collector of Buffalo Soldiers prints.

Bike: Harley Classic


Dennis Peterson

Dennis M. Peterson, aka Pete, aka Deputy Dawg enlisted in the United States Army on June 12, 1974, in the delayed entry program. He went on to active duty on August 31, 1974. Mr. Peterson attended basic combat training at Ft. Benning, GA., as well as advanced individual training. Pete's military assignments include tours of duty in Germany, Korea, Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Ft. Eustis, VA., Ft. Monroe, VA., Ft. Bragg, NC., and Ft. Dix, NJ.His military education includes the 7th Army Non-Commissioned Officers' Academy, The NCO Basic and Advanced Course, First Sergeants' Course, Drill Sergeant School, Basic Airborne School and Jumpmasters Course. He also graduated from numerous other military courses and schools. During his career, he had a long list of accomplishments and received many awards and decorations.Prior to retiring, he attended the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course. After serving our country for over 22 years, he retired and a went on to serve his community as a Deputy Sheriff. He has worked over seven years as a Deputy Sheriff for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office and is now a Field Training Officer.

Pete is one of the chartered members of the NC Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. He rides a red 2002 GoldWing and serves as Sergeant of Arms. He is single and has a 13 year old son.


Joyce "Pooh Bear" Paylor

Joyce is a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Clairton High School in 1973, where she met her husband also from Pittsburgh PA.  Joyce is from a large family of 12 children, 9 brothers (one deceased) and two sisters.   She works at Womack Army Hospital at Ft Bragg.  Her hobbies include dressing up in different costumes to entertain children and adults and also collecting Wizard of Oz memorabilia.   She is a trained volunteer in the Guardian ad Litem Program in Judicial District # 12 of Fayetteville, NC.  Joyce has been a riding member since 2004 and rides a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster.  Joyce has been married for 34 years and has two children, a daughter named Jamia and a Son named Shawn.  She also has a grand daughter named Alyssa who is 4 years old. 

Bike: 1200 Harley Sportster



Will “Vice-Grip” Phillips

Greetings fellow Buffalo Soldiers

I’m honored to service as the 2nd Vice President of the Buffalo Soldiers Club, Mother Chapter, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

I serve at the pleasure of the chapter members as your 2nd Vice President.  I will endeavor to always abide by and uphold the By-Laws of our Chapter.  I will continue to uphold the positive legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers.

                                  “These Colors I Wear”

These Colors I Wear:  Are more than a piece cloth.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I uphold the legacy of the Buffalo
                                    Soldiers, 1866 – 1944.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I never bring discredit upon the
                                    Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers, Colors or the
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I set a positive example with my
                                    Conduct and Deportment.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I exemplify a positive behavior from
                                    the office I serve.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I stand and be counted.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I give an accounting of my actions
                                    or inactions.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I promote and support the body of
                                    Buffalo Soldiers.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I be a good steward of legal By-
                                    Laws, rules and guidelines of this organization.
These Colors I Wear:  Are greater than any “one” individual.
These Colors I Wear:  Demand that I support the Mother Chapter,
                                    Buffalo Soldiers, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

We consider it an honor and privilege to serve you.

Donald "Hog Runner" Pritchard

Donald Pritchard AKA Hog-Runner was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.

He spent 20 good years in the US Army; with a food service background managing FOOD SERVICE PROGRAMS at FT.HUACHUCA AND FT.BRAGG. Presley in transportation. He has three children and two grandchildren. He's enjoying life his lovely wife Loretta


Loretta Pritchard AKA Lo

I was raised in Los Angeles CA. Have five children from 26 to 34 and nine grand children. Have enjoyed decorating homes and business over the last 20 years. Currently raising my 13-year-old grand son Andrew. Presley has decorating business on Cumberland rd.

Leon Robinson

Brisco Stackhouse

Brisco Stackhouse is a riding fool.  I ride a Road King and a Hayabausa.  Self employed.  I've been riding for over 20 years


Janice "Butterfly" Washington

She was born in the country but considers herself a city girl. Mrs. Washington has worked in the dental field since 1983. Janice is the wife of Nate-Dogg, and has been married for 24 years. She has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Janice is definitely an adventure seeker who loves to read, dance, work out, and travel. She also seems to love a good challenge. Mrs. Janice "Butterfly" Washington lives to ride.


Nathaniel Washington

Nate-Dogg was born and raised in North Carolina, in the city of Fayetteville. He has been employed with the U.S. Army for almost 29 years as a Aviation Maintenance Officer. He is also a sergeant on the Cumberland County Sheriff Department, protecting the people of North Carolina. He has over sixteen years of motorcycle experience.



Oscar West

I, Oscar West AKA “Old School”, proudly served in the U.S. Army for 20 years 1 month. My most enjoyable assignments were working as an Army recruiter/Guidance counselor for 7 years and as Club Manager for 8 years. During that time I earned a degree in Business Management. After retiring, I worked as Club Director for twelve years for the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps. Additionally, I owned a restaurant for five years.

I started riding motorcycles in 1972 and presently own a Honda Gold Wing.

Bruce Williams

I was born in Fairmont, North Carolina, where I graduated from Fairmont High School in 1970.  Attended Gardner School of Business in Silver Spring, Maryland where I received my Associate Degree in Accounting. While living in Baltimore, Maryland I joined the US Army in 1970.   I took my basic and AIT training at Fort Knox, KY.   I have had an array of assignments from Ft Knox, Fort Jackson, Korea, Germany and Bridgetown, Barbados.    I retired from the US Army in 1992 after serving 20 yrs. and 3 months.  I also received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Shaw University in 1983 and Master’s Degree from Webster University in 1992.

My wife Gloria (Ms. Gloria) and I have been married for 43 years, and we have two children. I joined the Northern Virginia Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club in 2007 and served as secretary and business manager for 4-yrs.  I later retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers. After retirement I moved to Fayetteville, NC and joined the North Carolina Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.  I ride a 2009 Honda Goldwing GL 1800 Roadsmith Trike.  My riding handle is “KingB”

Douglas Wilson

2Fresh the son of Ruby and John Wilson.  I was born in Richmond, VA raised in Ford, VA.  I have 2 Brothers: Curtis and Calvin and three sisters: Brenda, Janice and Sherica. 
I graduated from Dinwiddie County Senior High school and in my senior year becoming the most valuable player of my football team.  I then went on to Elizabeth State University here in NC.  I entered into the ROTC program became a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Pledging Spring 1990 graduating as a Army Reserves Lieutenant and   earning a Bachelor degree in Criminal justice.  I am currently working for Wackenhut Security Services at Ft Bragg, NC providing Force protection for soldiers and their families.

My wife and I became proud members of the Buffalo Soldier’s Motorcycle club July 2006.  I have been riding motorcycles since 2001.

My hobbies include weight lifting, weight training and riding my motorcycle.


Angela B. Wooten

I was born in Madison, GA June 9, 1963.  I graduated from high school in June 1981, and three months later, I traded in tennis shoes for Army boots.  Some of my assignments included Fort Campbell, KY, Germany, two tours in Korea, Raleigh Military Entrance Processing Station, and a total of 13 years at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  In May 2004, I traded in those Army boots for high-heeled pumps.  I currently work on Fort Bragg as a civil servant.  

I have one adult son, Kevin, who is married to Shanita.  I have two grandchildren, Shaniah and Kevin III.

During my personal time, I enjoy shopping, traveling, and spending time with my Boo  Big Woo on the back on his Suzuki Boulevard.   I hope to one day purchase a motorcycle, but for now, I am content riding on the back with my Boo.



Victor Wooten

I was born in Baltimore MD, and raised in South Philly, PA.  I enlisted in the Army right out of High School, and never looked back.  My 23 years of military service span 3 continents, crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Although my Army career started in combat arms, as a Field Artillery soldier, I have experienced a myriad of training, and educational opportunities.  My training includes, but is not limited to logistics, recruiting, human resources and administrative services.

The Army taught me a lot about myself, and also provided a young brotha’ from the hood opportunities to expand educational horizons.  I was able to set and meet several educational goals, enabling me to prepare for a successful transition into life after the Army.

While I have only been retired since 06, I have enjoyed a brief stint in retail management and now I’m enjoying continued service to my country as a civil servant.  My membership and affiliation with the Buffalo Soldiers provides me with the best conduit for my love of freedom and the open road.  Although my riding experience spans almost 30 years off and on, the Buffalo Soldiers are the first club I have seriously considered becoming a member of.  I can’t think of a legacy more deserving of the commitment of my time and dedication than that of the Buffalo Soldiers. 

My ride: 08 Victory Vision (TOTLVSN)

My Handle: Big Woo

My philosophy:  Can’t help those who won’t help themselves


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